Rap-A-Tap-Tap On My Door (Book 2)

Rap-A-Tap-Tap is a collection of children stories that will transport every child and parent reader on an adventure, full of imagination, action, humor and love! Come along and join a father and his child explore the world through their interactive imaginative play! Rap-A-Tap-Tap On My Door: Book 2 contains three stories: “A Long Time Ago”, “Blast Off”, and “Together Under the Deep Blue Sea”.

Hardcover available: Please email the publisher if wanting to purchase a hardcover edition. contact@progressiverisingphoenix.com


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1 review for Rap-A-Tap-Tap On My Door (Book 2)

  1. Amy M. Allen

    Loved this book as much as the first book. Very fun read for kids and a great book for new readers!

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