Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie

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“Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie” is an exceptional tool for teaching children about life on a Midwest prairie. With an entertaining and educational storyline, vivid photos, plus realistic illustrations, the book will encourage readers to dive into the great outdoors and learn more about the natural world. This little story on the prairie will teach children all about prairie plants. Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk meet near a prairie and explore it together. Rachel is a very smart raccoon and teaches Sammy to identify 20 common prairie plants. The book serves as a junior field guide for children interested in learning about the prairie in a fun way.


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2 reviews for Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie

  1. Fran

    One book in the Rachel Raccoon and Sammy the Skunk series, Rachel and Sammy take you on an adventure learning the different grasses and flowers of the prairie.
    The book is full of color photos of the plants and color illustrations which will hold the interest of the younger children, quite unexpected in an e-book.
    This story is short and interesting and could be read to the youngest children and used as a reference book for young readers.

  2. Leyla Atke

    Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie by Jannifer Powelson is the first of the awesome children’s books from Rachel Racoon and Sammy Skunk Series. Rachel and Sammy meet one day and decide to visit the prairie to see amazing prairie plants and wildflowers. Prairies contain a mixture of grasses and wildflowers. Rachel and Sammy love to study nature. During a hiking tour through the prairie, they explore a lot of beautiful and interesting prairie plants and wildflowers.

    I liked a thorough description of the amazing prairie plants and wildflowers accompanied with awesome photos taken by Jannifer, who has a Master’s degree in Biology. Flora and fauna of the prairie impresses with its beauty and diversity. Plants vary in color, shape of the petals, leaves, stems, and size. Exploring prairie plants and wildflowers is such a fascinating process!

    I think that this book could be a perfect introductory tutorial on Biology for children. The book is also wonderfully illustrated by Kalpart, which makes it very child friendly. I am sure that children will love this book! I would advise any parent to buy this book because it will help your child to develop properly and to broaden horizons. Bravo Jannifer Powelson!

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