Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest

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Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest is the second in the Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk series. This beautifully illustrated book will help children learn about 15 common spring woodland wildflowers. This fun story can also be used as a junior field guide to aid students in identifying the plants in the story, as each plant in the book features realistic illustrations and colorful photographs. The photos were taken by the author and will help readers learn more about the great variety of wildflowers. Join Rachel and Sammy as they frolic through the woodland wildflowers, learning as they go!


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1 review for Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest

  1. Jbarr5

    Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest – A Guide to Spring Woodland Wildflowers by Jannifer Powelson
    Illustrated colorful children’s book showing what one can find in the forest.
    Love walking on trails watching the new plants come to life in the spring and summer along the coast in RI.
    They are able to take a walk in the forest and they do find flowers which are identified from the book they carry.
    15 different flowers are featured along with descriptions of their shape and size and some have legends of how they got their names.

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