Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees

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“Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees” is the third book in the Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk Series. Rachel and Sammy, along with their classmates, teacher, and Doc Opossum, take a field trip to the forest, where they discover all kinds of interesting tree facts. This beautifully illustrated book will help children learn more about tree identification, parts of trees, importance of trees, photosynthesis, and much more! This fun story teaches children tree information and features 14 realistic illustrations and 41 colorful photographs. The photos were taken by the author and will help readers learn more about the wonderful world of trees. Join Rachel, Sammy, and their friends, as they hike through the woods, learning as they go!


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2 reviews for Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees

  1. Rhonda Brady

    The book content was fun and factual. However the e edition sure was not easy to read. Some pages were extremely distorted, with a very few letters on each line..basically a line of 2~3 letters per line down the side of the page, with a large area of white space.

  2. Leyla Atke

    Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees by Jannifer Powelson is one of the amazing children’s books from Rachel Racoon and Sammy Skunk Series. Rachel, Sammy and their classmates go to an exciting field trip to learn about trees. In her book, Jannifer, who has a Master’s degree in Biology, gives a clear and simple definition of a tree and provides lots of information about trees! Reading this book, children will learn everything about trees and why they are so important for nature and people.

    The book is accompanied by awesome photos made by the author, and amazing illustrations by Kalpart. When you look at these amazing photos, you can understand that only a person involved in nature can make such beautiful photos! Right from first pages I understood that this book could be a perfect introductory tutorial on Biology for children. I think Jannifer Powelson did a great job of teaching children to love and respect nature. It is very important because it is our future. It is a future of our children.

    I would highly recommend this amazing book for children of preschool and school ages. The book was also very interesting for me because I learned new things I didn`t know about trees before! Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees by Jannifer Powelson gives an important knowledge of biology to children, it teaches them everything about trees and why they are so important; and of course, it teaches to love and respect the nature. Highly recommended!

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