Providence for a First Mom

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Where does love begin? Experience true love from the perspective of, The First Mom. A touching story that will make its way into every inch of your heart, tapping into every emotion a person can feel: joy, enlightenment, sadness, and even anger, Caroline pulls back the curtain on the life of a teenage mother as she shares her story of abandonment and rejection for the choices she made as a sixteen year old teenager. Reuniting with her daughter, Rebecca, did not come as easily as she’d hoped. Yet the pain, overshadowed by joy, reveals the love of being The First Mom. Providence For A First Mom is a must read.


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2 reviews for Providence for a First Mom

  1. SP

    Having known the author since childhood (and our Moms ‘played bridge’ too!) I was not at all surprised at the thoughtful prose. This book is a testament to love. Caroline’s journey is not only a joyful one to those of us who know/knew her – but a story of happiness and redemption to those who may be struggling with life’s most difficult decisions. A clean, fast read for anyone needing some Devine inspiration. Bravo Caroline!

  2. K Dail

    I knew Caroline when she was a sweet little preschooler but lost touch before this story starts. Knowing her and her family, the visualization was powerful! I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. I’m so thankful she had Jesus with her during such a difficult time and thank Him for His grace and love. Thank you, Caroline, for sharing your story.

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