The Mysterious Life of Jim Limber

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To a young person today, what could be MORE mysterious than the life of Jim Limber? An African-American orphan who joined Jefferson Davis’ household during the pivotal year of 1864, Jim lived in circumstances difficult to envision today. Ms. Klingel deftly draws the reader into Jim’s exciting and complex world, balancing the stories of events which changed the nation forever, with well-told personal stories of real people caught in the whirlwind of events. The “alternate endings” encourage critical thinking and imagination in the young reader, and cleverly continue the legacy of this mysterious figure – while deepening understanding of our own true national story. Joe Long, Curator of Education, SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, Columbia, South Carolina.


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1 review for The Mysterious Life of Jim Limber

  1. Susan Schadel

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. What a wonderful woman, Mrs. Davis must have been to take in this young boy and make him part of their family. Never knew about this story and enjoyed learning about how it all came to be. Historical fiction is awesome. Thank you Deanna Klingel for teaching us about things that happened in the past. Unknown things.

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