Mostly, Happily Ever After (Little Big Deals)

Mostly, Happily Ever After is the first installment in the “Little Big Deals” series – big deals that impact children. This book focuses on the most devastating challenge that children are frequently confronted with: divorce!

The Royal Family is a typically perfect fairytale family: King, Queen, Prince, and Princess. Suddenly, a simple disagreement causes their wonderful lives to shudder. Before they know it, massive fractures develop within the family that eventually shatter it, leaving each of them with troubling questions and deep emotional scars.

Mostly, Happily Ever After, examines how children can become engulfed in the conflicts and hurtful arguments that emerge when a family is at war with itself. It discusses why the feuding can develop enormous momentum, far beyond anything ever intended, and how the key reasons for the dispute become irrelevent and how maintaining the conflict by needing to be “right” and “heard” transpire to be the central issues.

Mostly, Happily Ever After is also a resource for teachers and parents to help children express the emotions associated with the break down of their family.


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