Estos relatos no tienen pretensiones, a no ser la de interesar con una buena historia, pero nunca se achican ante lo misterioso y desconocido que acecha en las calles de Buenos Aires, los ríos de Misiones o los cerros y el mar de Chubut.

“Es muy, pero muy bello lo que escribe y muy fascinante, con una gran percepción… Es un buen escritor y novedoso.”

– Marjorie Agosín, poeta chilena y profesora de literatura



1 review for Liliana and the Mirror and Other Stories

  1. Sabe

    I grew up speaking and reading Spanish (bi-cultural background). As an adult far away from family and Spanish speaking friends I’m always looking for ways to keep reading Spanish and challenging myself. This kind of book with both languages side by side (at least in the printed edition) is great for reading and checking new vocabulary instantly and would help most reading levels. The stories are also really interesting, surreal and mysterious and fun to read. Highly recommend!

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