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He was Jester the Clown. Once upon a time. He wanted nothing more than to make children laugh. That was before the voices came, and the terrifying visions of death and suffering drove him to kill and left him locked away in a prison for the criminally insane. Now those very visions may be the only thing that can save Krisztina Peters, a detective with the Dallas Serial Crime Unit. Krisztina is investigating a series of murders committed with icy calculation. She could also be the serial killer’s next victim. Jester might be Krisztina’s last hope, if she can just force him to face those terrible visions once again.


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1 review for Jester

  1. James Poon

    Another great thriller from Jonathan Black, it’s funny, fast paced and dark. This story is so absorbing I felt like I was watching a movie! Highly recommended.

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