Flower Child

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Snow falling at the Nature Station means the wildflowers have retreated undercover for the winter. Kristen Matthews goes undercover as well, after a body is discovered on her property. Trying to catch the killer before the joy and peace of the holiday season are shattered further, will Kristen be able to solve the mystery before more lives are shattered—including her own?

Taking a break from holiday event planning at the Nature Station, Kristen Matthews and her… friend, co-worker, and bride-to-be, Hope Johnson, travel to Chicago to select Hope’s wedding dress. Eating lunch at their favorite restaurant before they shop, they encounter a mysterious woman, dressed in retro sixties garb, only to run into her again—at the train station near their hometown of Eklund. Who is this woman, and what is she doing in Eklund? These questions become even more important when the woman is found dead—after a party held at the Nature Station’s Red Barn. Dubbing the woman Flower Child, Kristen and her friends work to uncover the woman’s true identity in an attempt to flush the killer out of the woods. Will they be successful and help convict the murderer? Read Flower Child and find out!


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2 reviews for Flower Child

  1. Sherrill S. Cannon

    Jannifer Powelson has done it again! Her fourth novel, Flower Child, is a perfect addition to her Nature Station series, following Freak of Nature, When Nature Calls and An Unnatural Selection. Once more, familiar characters appear, although one begins to wonder how popular Kristen Matthews will be if she continues to uncover mysterious murders! This young woman who runs the local Nature Station travels with her friend, Hope Johnson, to Chicago to shop for Hope’s wedding dress. There they encounter a mysterious and strangely dressed woman who apparently also resides in their hometown – and whose dead body is discovered after a party at the Nature Center’s Red Barn. Another murder to solve? Ms. Powelson once again weaves a nice cozy mystery story, which will keep you guessing… 5 Stars!!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Awesome mystery book, enjoyed reading from front to back. The author keeps you in suspense and this is a very easy reading book

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