A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch

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Lilly, Boris and Jack are back! The three friends are together again in this newest addition to the Mischief Series. A natural disaster has taken the elders by surprise, and the scientists are unprepared. Damage to the colony is inevitable! Can the Master Engineers devise a plan to save the colony before they lose their home? The fairies’ Kick-a-Berry Match has been postponed as well, and the fairies must find new ways to entertain themselves until the pitch dries up. Along the way, they make a new friend named Pearle, and though she cannot walk, she can fly with ease. Valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork and perseverance will be learned as the fairies embark on their newest adventure.


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1 review for A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch

  1. Marta Moron Bishop

    Having read Amanda Thrasher’s first book in the Mushroom Patch series, I didn’t think perfection could be made better. Yet in A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch we meet beautiful Pearle. Watch how Lilly, Boris, Jack, Ivy, Rose and Pearle learn to work as a team. During what could have been a loss of their homes they pull together doing as much as young fairies can do to help their elders to save the Mushroom Patch from certain destruction. In this charming, whimsical, fun filled book Amanda Thrasher has made a true home run.

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