Dessert First: Transforming Life’s Roadkill into Lollipops

Dessert First: Transforming Life’s Road Kill into Lollipops, is Rhonda Jennings’ memoir that shares her experiences as she tries to live a “normal” life in the face of overwhelming odds.

Jennings tackles head on one of the most horrific of human issues: suicide. With brutal honesty and guts, she identifies with the everyday struggles of dealing with mental illness during life-changing events. She relates how, even when her life was toughest and seemed to be plunging to the depths yet again, she kept going and found joy and happiness while having very little with which to work. Betrayal, bullying, unemployment, racism, chauvinism, and even motherhood, all brought life lessons that Jennings had to work through to find her way in this world and fight her way back from the brink.

Unlearning the behaviors learned over a lifetime, dealing with the unknown, and finding emotionally safe places are just some of the lessons that Jennings discovered along her journey. But more than any other, she found that forgiveness is the most important lesson of all – forgiving others and forgiving one’s self.

Dessert First: Transforming Life’s Road Kill into Lollipops will make you laugh, cry, and most of all, think. Take a journey with Rhonda Jennings as she learns how to survive and thrive in a world that seems determined to test, thwart, and beat her down – making her triumph all the more satisfying!


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