Delayed Flight

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In this inspirational romance, two former childhood sweethearts, Veronica and Jared find themselves stranded in the airport trying to get home for the holidays. Veronica painfully learns that it had been her own father that had come between them forcing her to live a nightmare of separation rather than her schoolgirl dream of “ever after” with her beloved. When an accident threatens the life of Veronica’s daughter, the two lovers come together and discover that the love they had for each other never died. — “An enjoyable read, I just couldn’t put down!! Recommended for all who enjoy romance with suspense and intrigue!” ~ KM Wittaker “Cross a Nicholas Sparks novel and your favorite Christmas story and you have the essence of this sweet love story.” ~ Joy R Davis


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2 reviews for Delayed Flight

  1. Keith R. Dold

    Great story! Kept you spellbound and interested throughout. Equal parts suspense and romance. Left reader dangling at end on a couple of items of interest. I guess they’ll be answered in the sequel. Also kept the reader guessing and did not give away the store too soon.

  2. K. M. Whittaker – Page Flipperz Blog

    Veronica and Jared have crossed paths again after 20 years, to find themselves at an airport still heartbroken, and with unanswered questions – but also realizing they still loved each other. Twenty years have passed hearts are still fragile as Veronica and Jared didn’t part on good terms, but it seems that fate has once again brought them together.

    John Smith has created such a heartfelt romance with that added bit of suspense that I truly love in my reads !!!! Characters with such depth – and a love story that will make you heart aflutter !! For all those who get emotionally involved in there reads, get the tissues ready in this one. I found myself sniffling into the early hours of the morning, grinning and sighing contented with the overall storyline and ending, it truly had me hooked from beginning to end.

    John put forth all background information into Veronica and Jared’s past life, piecing together the story as it went. Giving the reader insight into the past and also some truth as well to give both characters answers to questions lingering. Suspense and intrigue kept me friskily reading along, to find out how the storyline panned out. I was hooked from the very first pages.

    Wonderfully created characters with definition and depth, very realistic in life. The reality of life, love and heartache but also forgiveness.

    All chapters and storyline flowed smoothly . Giving us a storyline that will string you along, pull at your heartstrings and also have you sighing in content.

    An enjoyable read I just couldn’t put down !!

    Recommended for all who enjoy romance with suspense and intrigue that will truly pull you into the pages.

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