Boy and Poi Poi 2 Puppy in Doggone!

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Rushing to catch the school bus, Boy forgets to lock the gate. Poi Poi Puppy sets off to find his boy. Unfortunately he doesn’t find Boy, but trouble finds him instead. New friendships are formed, as a bully is confronted. Set in a sugar cane field in Hawai’i, Boy and Poi Poi Puppy explore how friendship can be stronger than any bully. Bullying is never acceptable, even in the animal world. Learn an important life lesson in Poi Poi Puppy in Doggone!


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1 review for Boy and Poi Poi 2 Puppy in Doggone!

  1. Cathy

    A wonderful read for children and adults alike. A much needed lesson on acceptance and patience. Beautiful illustrations and easy to read text, will be a must read at many story times.

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