Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure

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The Garden of Chewies has everything Bink and Slinky could hope for, but everything changes when they discover a message from God! To fulfill God’s request Bink and Slinky set out in search of something they’ve never seen before! Facing unusual creatures and overcoming their own jitters, Bink and Slinky forge ahead in their quest to find Noah’s Ark. Will they reach the ark in time? Read Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure and find out! Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure is the first installment of this beautifully illustrated faith-based series by Donna Arlynn Frisinger.


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1 review for Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure

  1. Catherine Lawton

    Creative, colorful, readable storybook! I bought this to read to my 4-year-old granddaughter and it keeps her engaged all the way through. The rhyming, rhythmic lines are not fluff, but teach and affirm as well as entertain. The artwork is delightful. I like the way the author zoomed in close, with her unique twist on the Noah’s Ark story.

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