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Nelda Bedford Gaydou

Language is Nelda’s birthright. Although her parents are from the U.S., she was born and raised in Argentina. She learned to speak English and Spanish simultaneously and was addicted to books even before her mother taught her to read in English as a preschooler. Nelda holds university degrees in English and Spanish Literature and History. Bilingualism has become a family tradition, so far extending to her grandchildren, all four of whom live near her and her husband in the beautiful mountains of Córdoba in Argentina.

Nelda has translated many books and works as a full-time independent technical translator in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Currently she is writing the second book of the Bedford biography, From Sea to Sea: River Plate to Lake Michigan, covering from 1964 to the present. A Spanish version of the two books will follow that, and she has plans for at least three historical novels.

Nelda is available for interviews over the Internet.


Darrell Bartel

Darrell Bartell

Darrell D. Bartell, an actor, playwright, short story writer, an author, Texas Hold ‘Em dealer and player, former cab driver, security officer, future radio broadcaster, and cancer survivor completed his M.A. Degree in Drama at Texas Woman’s University. His first script, Bragging Rights, a ten-minute one man play based on the school shootings, earned him a trip to the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, in Valdez, Alaska in June 2000 where he met Pulitzer playwrights Edward Albee, the late Horton Foote, and actresses Betty Buckley, and the late Marian Seldes.

Darrell finally earned his theatre degree after battling cancer. U.S. Army veteran and a former private investigator, while attending The American Broadcasting School in Arlington, Texas, Darrell based the format of his radio show on television’s America’s Most Wanted, and featured unidentified victims, missing persons and wanted fugitives on-line. Darrell soon joined a volunteer group called Porchlight for The Missing and Unidentified, which assists law enforcement and medical examiners in providing leads for their John Doe and Jane Doe cases.

His play, “When The Echoes Whisper My Name,” is based on several cases he is working on and received second place in the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Inc. (OWFI) 2011 playwriting contest. Darrell’s play “The First One-Hundred Days,” about the first woman president of the United States, also took first place in OWFI’s 2013 playwriting contest. He tries to find and write about subjects that haven’t been brought to the stage. A member of the Fort Worth Writers, Darrell also joined Phantom Hunters, a paranormal investigation team located in the DFW Metroplex.


Catalina Claussen
Catalina Claussen

There’s no greater feeling than getting lost in a book, in an experience. I hike, hunt, dance, fish, garden, ski, Scuba dive, write, sing, swim, speak French, travel, read and do just about anything that gets me out into the world. My happiest moments are spent feeling connected, present, both as a participant and a witness to the human experience. I write to indulge my curiosity and spark others. I am a founding English teacher at Aldo Leopold Charter School and I write poetry, short story, YA novel, and memoir so far. And as one of my favorite local authors, Sharman Apt Russell, says, “There’s no turning back now.”

Visit her blog HERE


John J. Smith

John J. Smith

John J. Smith (who also writes as Jonathan Black) is an award-winning author of paranormal suspense and romance. He has written five novels and ten screenplays. His most recent paranormal novel, Jester, received an Honorable Mention during the 2008, 77th Annual Writer’s Digest Magazine contest. He also received a Writer’s Digest award for his romance, Delayed Flight during the 2007, 76th Annual Writers Digest Magazine contest, and awards for 2003, 72nd and 2004, 73rd Annual Writer’s Digest contests.

John is a member of the Cambridge Who’s Who, for his life’s accomplishments and partner with Dark Red Press publishing. He works full time in managing computer performance for an international bank.

John lives in Plano, Texas with his two Shitzu’s, Charley and Benny. His passion is writing and most of his work is set in the Dallas area. He is an unrepentant coffee addict.

Visit his website HERE


darrell-lee progressive rising phoenix press


Darrell Lee

Darrell Lee was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. He received his BS in Computer Science from the local university and moved to Houston for a job on the Space Shuttle program.

He has been an avid reader all his life, especially science fiction. Like all (in his opinion) lifelong readers he holds a great respect for the talents of the tellers of the tales. Their ability to suck the reader into their imaginary world and hold them captive there, making the reader see things differently or things not even considered and how the cerebral journey changes the reader in some way.

Another lifelong trait, is that he craves a creative outlet. Down through the years it has taken many different forms. Painting, charcoal drawing, photography, chess and computer software. His writing started out innocently enough, as shared emails with family and friends, of some adventure he had experienced. After hearing “you should write a book” enough times he decided it was time to give writing a try and attempt to join the ranks of the tellers. His ultimate goal as a writer is simple and challenging— leave a mark on the reader.

By day he currently works on assorted software systems for the International Space Station. By night he writes, secluded in his home office, with a wife that softly brings him snacks and falls asleep on the couch waiting for him to go to bed. He is a member of the Houston Writers Guild and the Houston Writers House.

He and his wife, Yamilet, reside in the Houston area and enjoy all that the big city has to offer: ballet, symphonies, plays and an Astros baseball game. They also enjoy time at their lake house, a warm and cozy space on the shore of a lake nestled in the tall pine trees of east Texas. On the weekends and holidays they enjoy summer afternoons fishing on the water and fall mornings walking in the woods.

Visit his website here: darrelllee



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