Meet PRPP Authors

Meet PRPP Authors

David C. Hughes

David C. Hughes defies the premise that engineers can’t write.  With almost four decades of writing experience and more than 25 years of technical writing and editing experience, David left his full-time corporate job in 2013 to launch his writing career.

A former youth leader and deacon, David’s life is resolutely defined by his pursuit of God, and his desire is to convey God’s love, joy, grace, and healing through his testimony.  His blog site, “David C. Hughes, Writer,” broadcasts his latest take on what it means to be a Christ-centered man, husband, father, son, brother, and friend in these exciting and challenging times. His God-ordained book, The Epiphany of Joy, and his picture book, Melted Clowns, illustrated by his 17-year-old niece, Emilie L. Hughes, both won the Texas Association of Authors 2015 Best Book Award.

Originally from the town of Maine, New York, David now lives near Aledo, Texas with the loves of his life: his wife, Mary, and his daughter, Hannah.  At last count he also has two dogs, a dozen fish, five chickens, a frog, and countless fire ants.

Please check out David’s latest projects, thoughts, and musings on his blog.




Meet PRPP Authors

Deanna Klingel
Deanna K. Klingel, author of children’s books, YA novels, and short stories, has lived many places with her childhood sweetheart husband Dave, but they now call the North Carolina mountains their home. The couple enjoys visiting their seven grown children and their families.

Amanda and the Lazy Garden Fairy is her latest release. Other works include: Just for the Moment: The Remarkable Gift of the Therapy Dog, Avery’s Battlefield, Avery’s Crossroad, Bread Upon the Water, Cracks in the Ice, Beth’s Birds,Rock and a Hard Place, A Lithuanian Love Story, and coming soon: Rebecca and Heart; Blue-Eyed Doll.

Avery’s Battlefield, Stars &Flags Book Award, 2011
Avery’s Crossroad, Stars & Flags Book Award, 2012
Cracks in the Ice, Selah Book Award Finalist, CWG Seal of Approval
Bread Upon the Water, CWG Seal of Approval
Rock and a Hard Place, CWG Seal of Approval




Meet PRPP Authors

Lucas McWilliams & Sophia McWilliams

The Wielders books are written by a father-daughter team, Lucas McWilliams and Sophia McWilliams (age 12). They get up together early each morning before the sun rises to write down the stories that fill their dreams. Lucas and Sophia live with their family on a hilltop close to the Kentucky River Palisades. Their loving family includes Lucas’ wife, the local librarian, Sophia’s two silly younger sisters, several outdoor cats and their dogs Peanut and Ginger. You can contact them at


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