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Importance of Reading Books: Benefits of Reading Books

Importance of Reading Books Benefits of Reading Books

When was the last time you read a good book and went on an adventure, learned something new, exercised your brain, and fed your curiosities?

From the moment we start school, our educators begin teaching us the fundamentals of reading. We learn our alphabet and the unique sounds that each letter makes. Soon, we can read words and full sentences. And before we know it, we’re reading everything from posters to what’s printed on cereal boxes to subtitles on movies.

But why are we really taught to read? Is it to be able to read street signs and directions, study our textbooks and take tests?

It’s true that we were all taught to read to comprehend better and communicate. However, the benefits of reading go far beyond that.

The more we read, the more we understand the world around us. And when we read books, the more we discover life beyond what we already know. Here are more reasons that highlight the importance of reading books.

Books Make Us Better Communicators

Because books improve our vocabulary, our communications skills improve. Reading enhances our language skills and develops fluency, allowing us to express our thoughts and ideas better.


Books Educate Us

Books quench our thirst for knowledge. Through books, we learn about how things work, understand different cultures, and comprehend the history of things. We can learn new languages, how to improve ourselves and even how to build things. The right books are full of useful information that helps us become smarter, sharper, more skilled and more open to new ideas.


Books Keep Our Brain’s Healthy 

Did you know that when you read books, you’re also exercising your brain? The more you read, the more you stimulate your mind. Mental stimulation keeps the blood flowing to our brains, preventing diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. When we read, our cognitive function and memory improve. The healthier your brain is, the more you are able to focus and develop your analytical skills.


Books Reduce Stress

Whether it’s science fiction, YA, romance novels, or autobiographies, books can help you relieve tension and relax. Books allow us to escape the stress and anxiety of everyday life by allowing us to immerse ourselves in another world or involve us in a topic we find compelling. And because there is a book out there on just about every topic in the world, it’s possible for everyone to find the perfect book that will keep them focused and at ease.


Books Motivate Us

Books have the power to inspire and motivate us with stories of people who have made something of themselves despite the odds. Whether it is the heroics of a fictional character or the real-life accomplishments of someone remarkable from history, books encourage us never to give up, keep moving forward, and stay positive.


Books Stimulate Creativity

The right book can take us on adventures and inspire us to visualize new lands, dimensions, and alternate universes. Through reading, our imagination is ignited, and we open up our minds to new possibilities. Even non-fiction books on science and technology have the power to stir our creativity and stimulate innovative and inventive ideas.

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27 thoughts on “Importance of Reading Books: Benefits of Reading Books

  1. I like how you point out that books can stimulate creativity by exercising our imagination. I feel like this would be extra beneficial to kids since kids are very impressionable in their development. I would definitely want my kids to read so that they can have active imaginations and greater creativity which I’m sure would benefit them in other aspects of their life.

  2. Very nicely written article, congratulation! 😀 I have to say, from my own experience, books can help overcome the depression. I’m not sure about clinical depression, but I was feeling depressed by lack of accomplishments in life. And that’s when I decided to start reading book (two years ago) so I can improve my knowledge which will lead me to better career opportunities in life.

    And over time I did learn a lot of new, useful things in life. I do mostly read business and self-development/improvements books, I don’t focus on reading fiction books etc. Although I have to admit that I do get depressed from time to time (which is normal,) but it’s not where near how to used to be depressed and miserable for weeks, even whole month. Now I’m back on my feet within day or two.

    I hope that you will not mind if I share link of my blog here. I have a book blog where I write reviews and summaries of books that I’ve read. I hope that will be helpful for other people to find good books to read and learn from.

  3. I really appreciate your tip on how books are able to help us improve ourselves and make us better people. My wife told me that she has been feeling in a lack in her life ever since she stopped working. I will be sure to suggest to her that she starts reading to get that fulfillment back!

  4. Very nice article regarding reading. I learnt a lot. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for explaining why it’s important to read books. it’s good to know that it can help inspire and motivate us. It sounds like it’s a good way to also learn of ways you can better yourself based on what kind of book you read.

  6. I really like what you said about books being a good motivator. This is a great way to make sure that you are staying positive and moving forward. My sister is thinking about getting a novel and might like the idea more knowing this.

  7. I like how you said that reading books makes us better communicators, by improving our vocabulary, enhancing our language skills and developing fluency, which as a result allows us to express ourselves better. My young daughter has been struggling with communicating and doesn’t have the best vocabulary and have been trying to find ways to help her improve. After learning of the many benefits of reading, including that it helps people improve their vocabulary and communication, I will definitely have my daughter read more books.

  8. Thank you very much, the tips are better, I really enjoyed reading it. Not only reading but it was understood.

  9. I liked that you said that one reason to read books is that they quench our thirst for knowledge and help us to learn new things. I would imagine that reading books if one way in which to learn more about different aspects of like, even how to make sure that you are starting a business legally and have the appropriate licensing for it. I would be sure to consider buying and reading educational books that will teach me how to make better decisions.

  10. Thanks for the good passage . Reading is a good habit.

  11. Thank you for all of your great benefits of reading books. I have been considering starting to read. After learning about all of the benefits of reading books, I will definitely consider reading one.

  12. thank you for the information

  13. great article!!!!
    helped me with my essay

  14. It really helped when you said that by reading our communication enhances. My wife is thinking about being a reader of chapter books because she watches too much television. I’ll be sure to pass this information along to her to show her the benefits of reading and possibly becoming a better communicator.

  15. It really increased and enhanced my knowledge also helped me to write my essay.

    1. Article is pretty awesome.
      Helped me very much.
      Its appreciable that you must have done a lot of research inorder of writing this.
      Suggestable to friends.
      All the best for your future articles.

  16. I think the author has done a lot of research to write this post.
    Thank you, author, for this wonderful post.

  17. Thank you for this great enlightenment

  18. So Effective!!
    Thank you.

  19. I never took into account that I could learn a new language by just reading books. My daughter’s teacher told me that my child loves to grab books because they call her attention. I will definitely talk to my wife so we can find nice fiction books that can help hr learn a new language now that she is young.

  20. Beautiful content. I am trying to motivate people to read books and tell them their importance. I will definitely refer them this blog.

  21. It is true that book motivates us because whenever I feel demotivated, I read a book especially awaken the giant within you or unlimited power and then i become motivated.

  22. I’ve never been a reading type but this made me to see things in different way sure to read books will help me to have a vision as well 📚📖thanks for this well appreciated 🙏

  23. I love it

  24. I’ve always wanted to improve my writing, which is why I’m currently looking for some novel books that I may read because reading can help enhance a person’s writing skills. Well, it never occurred to me that reading may help stimulate the mind. It’s also interesting to learn that this type of hobby may help reduce stress and anxiety.

  25. Thank you for pointing out that reading a book is a great way to lower your stress levels. I’ve been feeling really stressed out for the past weeks, so I’m thinking about buying a new book to read. I’m going to look for a good business online that can sell me a book.

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