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How to Increase Your Social Media Presence If You Are an Author

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In the era when everyone’s encouraged to have a voice, being an author (one that’s looking to be relevant, at least) is extremely difficult. Although; we’ve never had so much opportunity to be heard, understood and accepted. We’ve also never before had as many people voice on anything and everything, making the concept of speaking your mind – or, in the case of an author – writing your mind – almost irrelevant.

But, How’s That Related to 21st-Century Authors? 

It can be, in many ways. While a sense of belonging to this virtual, opinion-colored village is beautiful, for an author to make a difference, they need to stand out. And, how does one stand out in the sea of (relatively) great and not-so-great content? The formula’s simple:

  • Find a clear voice and defend your attitude
  • Stick to a writing direction and thematic concept
  • Know who you are writing for, and target them

Here’s what to do to increase your social media presence:


Be Consistent

Yes, we keep seeing new content signed by many authors, but – what are the pieces we want to read? Those with attractive headlines (topics we find attractive,) and most importantly, authors whose opinions we relate to and trust. An author who helps us cultivate a lifetime reading habit is the author we want in our bookmarks. However, no matter how good you are, you can’t expect to get famous overnight. Instead, post consistently and methodically, and wait patiently for your audience to form. Once it does, the power of word of mouth is stronger than you think! When people start sharing your stuff across social media platforms, you’ll be solid gold.

Choose the Right Platform

Different types of content require different social platforms. Since, in the 21st century, the term author is no longer reduced to written material only, we’re now seeing a lot of visual and auditory content presented across platforms like YouTube, Instagram (Story), TED videos, etc.

Here are the best platforms to use for your genre and increase your social media presence:


  • Facebook + Facebook Ads – Whether you are sharing your blogs written on other platforms (such as Medium, for instance) with your friends or you’ve opened a Facebook group you use to publish your work and engage fans, FB will help you form an audience
  • Instagram – When you want to merge your visual talents and written content, Instagram is great to catch your readers’ attention. Use the right hashtags to attract people that will want to read your article


  • Instagram – Believe it or not, Instagram is great for poets who tease with their art through Instagram posts. Let’s all remember R.M.Drake and Rupi Kaur who turned their posts into not only published work, but, thanks to their Instagram presence, became an internet sensation. Make your Instagram poetry short, heartfelt and snappy. Complicated metaphors and long poetry aren’t the best forms for Instagram


  • Twitter is a fantastic platform to share teasers of your work, information about your works in progress, your knowledge on a subject matter and offer commentaries on recent films and scripts. It helps to establish yourself as an authority in your arena


  • Twitter – See the above
  • LinkedIn – An excellent platform for authors who are targeting the business world. For instance, write about ways reading can help your career, hacks on how to get more productive at work, etc.
  • Medium – At this point, one of the most popular and diverse non-profit platforms out there, helping authors of all genres have their voices heard. Medium is great for publishing your work and connecting with other authors in the community
  • YouTube – The best search engine (and a platform) to create tutorials that should establish you as an expert on a particular topic.

Connect with Other Authors

It’s understandable that you may feel threatened by other, more visible authors but the truth is – there’s enough space for everyone. Show support to your fellow writers by sharing their work, commenting on it, recommending it, writing “response” pieces to their posts then tagging them or merely asking them to return the favor by sharing your work. The community is usually pretty tight, and when you position yourself as a supporter rather than a competitor, everyone will recognize, appreciate and admire it –  yes, your (potential) readers, too.

In the digital era, the era of hot topics popping up on an almost daily basis, a strategy is everything to a writer (next to their talent), and you need to be smart about yours if you want to succeed.  Visit Progressive Rising Phoenix to learn great ways to achieve as an author on social media!

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