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How Reading Improves Seniors Quality of Life

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Although extremely advantageous, natural reading is very often a neglected activity, especially in the 21stcentury. These days, people prefer to spend free time doing pretty much anything other than reading as they already spend too much of their workday in front of a computer, reading, skimming through stuff, writing emails and whatnot. Practically, all they want to do is rest their eyes for a while, and we get that.


Unfortunately, there’s no middle in this praxis. It seems that other media has replaced our former glorious obsession with reading altogether, because it is easier to digest in the current climate of burnout, too much information, and screen blindness. But, in all truth – nothing beats reading and all the benefits that come with it, to people of all ages. Reading is not only fantastic for kidsbut the elderly as well, for the reasons we are about to list below:


The Health Benefits of Reading


Life of a senior can indeed be stressful. Health problems and family worries wear a person out. And at an advanced age, stress can be costly. To the rescue comes the book, which is a real treasure during difficult times. A good novel can take you to different places and different times and distract you from your worries. It helps you to take a deep breath and face problems calmly.


Many studies have shown a connection between reading and mental health. Reading as an everyday activity can reduce memory decline by 30%. The scientists have also discovered that brain stimulation provided by learning or solving puzzles minimizes the probability of having Alzheimer’s disease. Another excellent benefit of reading is that it improves the quality of sleep. Anxiety, pain, and side effects of medications can make falling and staying asleep very difficult. Reading before bedtime is a perfect way to help your brain slow down and tell your body that it’s time for its well-deserved rest.


Reading as a Sparkle That Boosts Your Spirit


Besides influencing your health positively, reading can enrich your life. It’s a great way to spend free time. It’s a perfect pastime for retired people, making their day more exciting and amusing. A person is never too old to learn new things, and there’s no better way to do it than scrutinizing scientific breakthroughs, art catalogs, or encyclopedias. Additionally, books improve a person’s vocabulary which, then, increases self-esteem.


When it comes to choosing your literature, reading anything is better than reading nothing, but we recommend classics. Everybody loves a good story, and the world’s most celebrated novels are the best stories ever told. They will stir up your imagination, help you develop empathy, and broaden your perspective on life.




Modern Tools That Enhance the Reading Experience


Reading can be a challenge for senior citizens who have vision issues or find it hard to stay in a sitting position continuously. Luckily, audiobooks have come to the rescue. A lot of them can download from the internet but also found on YouTube. Podcasts are another great way to entertain your brain and give it something to do. E-books are useful as well because the size of letters and the screen brightness can be adjusted.


No Matter What, Reading Should Be a Habit


Reading is a high activity that helps usfeel better physically, but also mentally. A good book is especially beneficial for senior citizens because it entertains the brain and helps it work properly. At the same time, reading makes life more cheerful and opens new horizons. So, please do yourself a favor and grab that book right away!


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1 thought on “How Reading Improves Seniors Quality of Life

  1. My mom retired a few years ago and she has been having trouble finding purpose and joy in her life, so she is thinking about reading some spiritual self-help books. You make a great point that reading will help her to relax and learn how to deal with the problems she is facing. Also, the fact that reading can help you sleep better is good to know because I know that my mom struggles to fall asleep at night. I will make sure to share this information with her!

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