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Favorite Charities during the Holidays; in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

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The spirit of Thanksgiving is all about being together, showing gratitude for all the treasures in life, and helping the ones in need. It reminds us to be humble, kind, and to share happiness with those around us, not for one day, but over the whole year. Efforts we make to put a smile on somebody else’s face make us feel enthusiastic and give us the strength to continue the pursuit of our dreams. Little gestures can make a big difference. You can help in many different ways, and sometimes kind words and thoughtful actions are more than enough. Here are some of the ways you can brighten many spirits, including yours.

Join a Volunteering Program

Roasted turkey is a symbol of Thanksgiving, and it doesn’t taste as good any other day of the year. Sadly, some people are unable to purchase or prepare a Thanksgiving feast. Meals on Wheels is a nationwide program that invites volunteers to help in providing food to elderly and disabled persons, and joining this action is a great way to give to the community. You can help by setting up the event, delivering meals, or cleaning up. To make it all more fun, call your friend to join you.

Donate Clothes to a Charitable Organization

While you may be convinced you’ve got “nothing to wear,” there must be a few pieces of clothing you don’t wear – no matter the reason. Instead of throwing the garments away, choose to deliver them to some of the charitable organizations in your town or leave the clothes with a homeless shelter. There is somebody out there who will be delighted with a new shirt or a sweater, so search through your drawers as soon as you get home!

Pay a Visit to a Hospital

Hospitals can be very lonely places during the holidays. While others are enjoying with their families, patients are bedridden, and a surprise visit would surely cheer them up. You can visit a children’s hospital and share gifts or candies, read to the kids (or with them), and embrace the spirit of being there for those less fortunate. It is an excellent opportunity for the whole family to have fun and to come closer while doing a good deed. You’ll feel fulfilled and proud of yourselves.

Use Technology to Spread the Spirit of Togetherness

If you are too busy with preparing for a holiday or you have guests coming by, there is always a way to make an impact from your home. After all, that’s what modern gadgets allow us; to connect with those who are far from us and, in this case, to help them. ShareTheMeal is an app that enables you to donate money for hungry children around the world. It can’t be easier. Download the app, follow the instructions and for only 50 cents, you’ll feed one hungry child for one full day.

Being kind and generous is easier than you think. It doesn’t have to demand time, money or great effort. It is only necessary to think about those who need help and to be honest in your intentions to make them feel better. Thanksgiving reminds us of these little things that mean a lot, and encourages us to share with the world because, as Charlotte Bronte would say: “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”

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