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Books at a Young Age: How Can Reading Benefit Your Child’s Development?

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Just as animals have their own way of communicating between themselves (whale songs and wolf howls), humans have grown to transfer information and knowledge to other humans by using language.

In contrast to the animal kingdom, most human languages have an additional, rather curious channel through which communication can be achieved.

We’re talking about the written word, of course, our preferred non-vocal type of communication that’s been around for millennia!

Now, to grow and become stronger, smarter and more independent, humans need to learn a lot while they’re young. While physical activity and some good ole play time should make up a large portion of their learning experience, there’s another aspect of it that is at least equally important- reading.

By reading texts that talk about a variety of exciting topics, children learn new words, find out about different life situations they haven’t necessarily encountered themselves, and ultimately become more creative themselves!

In this article, we’ll talk about how reading affects your child’s development and why encouraging your kid to read can be beneficial for its future.

Alright, here we go.


The Benefits that Reading Has on Children

  • Develops Languages Skills – Since, through reading, children learn first and foremost the language the text is written in, as time goes by, they will become more proficient in it, and grow to express themselves more complexly and descriptively! Also, correct grammar and punctuation are learned intuitively through regular reading, so these two typically tough language areas will come to them naturally later on in education.


  • Enhances Concentration – One of the most significant problems children have early on in their education is the chronic lack of concentration in classes. The great thing about reading is that, to understand what’s happening to your favorite book hero, you have to concentrate on the text to find out! Thus, reading books on a regular basis enhances concentration and can help your kid tackle other subjects more easily!


  • Learning about Different Topics – No matter how outgoing and active they are in their day-to-day life, kids can’t gain all the knowledge around them through their own experiences. Reading helps kids understand and empathize with events they haven’t personally experienced and is thus an integral part of a child’s development.


Encourages Creativity – The beauty of reading lays in the ability to reach and absorb some stories told in many different voices! Understanding someone else’s point of view means that you, as a reader, can become savvier about the world around you and find new solutions and approaches for the things you previously thought were impossible to wrap your head around! A child who practices reading often displays a distinct creative side and is always ready to learn more.

Learning how to read isn’t only about memorizing the individual letters and remembering that the word ‘queue‘ is pronounced as just a single q for whatever reason. Indeed, reading books and high-quality content on a regular basis can make your child smarter and more importantly, set them up with a sound base for further learning.

At Progressive Rising Phoenix, we strongly believe that our children should be taught to listen and read at a young age. At the end of the day, whether they end up studying civil engineering or writing a high-brow essay on the Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies as a part of their English literature curriculum, the eagerness to read and absorb information will inevitably set them up for success- in every walk of life!

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