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Importance of Reading Books: Benefits of Reading Books

Importance of Reading Books Benefits of Reading Books

When was the last time you read a good book and went on an adventure, learned something new, exercised your brain, and fed your curiosities?

From the moment we start school, our educators begin teaching us the fundamentals of reading. We learn our alphabet and the unique sounds that each letter makes. Soon, we can read words and full sentences. And before we know it, we’re reading everything from posters to what’s printed on cereal boxes to subtitles on movies.

But why are we really taught to read? Is it to be able to read street signs and directions, study our textbooks and take tests?

It’s true that we were all taught to read to comprehend better and communicate. However, the benefits of reading go far beyond that.

The more we read, the more we understand the world around us. And when we read books, the more we discover life beyond what we already know. Here are more reasons that highlight the importance of reading books.

Books Make Us Better Communicators

Because books improve our vocabulary, our communications skills improve. Reading enhances our language skills and develops fluency, allowing us to express our thoughts and ideas better.


Books Educate Us

Books quench our thirst for knowledge. Through books, we learn about how things work, understand different cultures, and comprehend the history of things. We can learn new languages, how to improve ourselves and even how to build things. The right books are full of useful information that helps us become smarter, sharper, more skilled and more open to new ideas.


Books Keep Our Brain’s Healthy 

Did you know that when you read books, you’re also exercising your brain? The more you read, the more you stimulate your mind. Mental stimulation keeps the blood flowing to our brains, preventing diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. When we read, our cognitive function and memory improve. The healthier your brain is, the more you are able to focus and develop your analytical skills.


Books Reduce Stress

Whether it’s science fiction, YA, romance novels, or autobiographies, books can help you relieve tension and relax. Books allow us to escape the stress and anxiety of everyday life by allowing us to immerse ourselves in another world or involve us in a topic we find compelling. And because there is a book out there on just about every topic in the world, it’s possible for everyone to find the perfect book that will keep them focused and at ease.


Books Motivate Us

Books have the power to inspire and motivate us with stories of people who have made something of themselves despite the odds. Whether it is the heroics of a fictional character or the real-life accomplishments of someone remarkable from history, books encourage us never to give up, keep moving forward, and stay positive.


Books Stimulate Creativity

The right book can take us on adventures and inspire us to visualize new lands, dimensions, and alternate universes. Through reading, our imagination is ignited, and we open up our minds to new possibilities. Even non-fiction books on science and technology have the power to stir our creativity and stimulate innovative and inventive ideas.

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Top 8 Reasons Why Kids Should Read More

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From a very young age, we teach our kids that reading is one of those fundamental skills that they will need to succeed in life.

We explain to them that reading gives them the foundation to learn their lessons at school and follow directions on their tests. However, they should also be made aware of the many other benefits that reading promises them beyond getting better grades in their classes. Here are the top 8 reasons why kids should read more:


  1. Improves Writing Skills

The more children read, the more they learn about proper sentence structure. Kids who read are typically better writers as they know make their sentences and paragraphs flow better. The more they read, their spelling skills are also improved as they discover new words they may have never encountered before. Someday they may even want to write their own short stories. Who knows – they could be the next world-famous children’s book author like J.K. Rowling or Roald Dahl?

  1. Expands Knowledge

From a very young age, we teach the youth how empowering knowledge is. They can acquire this through life experiences and by reading books. The more they read, the more they learn, and the more equipped they are to apply this knowledge to their everyday lives.

3. Portal to Another Dimension

Non-fiction can take its young readers on exciting adventures to new and exciting lands. A well-written book can help kids imagine a time and place beyond reality. And because books unlock children’s imaginations, it also sparks their creativity and inspires them to dream.

4. Improves Comprehension

Children who consume books from all genres gain a deeper understanding of everything around them. They are more receptive, making them better listeners and allowing them to make more informed choices. With improved analytical skills, they are less likely to commit errors in judgment or react irrationally.

5. Window to the World

Books can teach kids about different countries and cultures from across the seas. A good book on another country’s unique history, people, and practices is incredibly eye-opening for the child who has never been outside their home country. Reading takes them to these new destinations and may even inspire them to be world travelers someday.

6. Instills Empathy

Because books can teach us about other people, cultures, and backgrounds, reading allows children to envision a day in the life of someone else. When they gain a deeper understanding of other people’s struggles and everyday challenges, they become more self-aware and compassionate for others.

7. Promotes Innovation

Because reading promotes creativity, it also stimulates the innovative mind to come up with new inventions and concepts. The more kids understand how things work, they think about how to approach everyday problems with creative solutions.

8. Develops Communication Skills

Reading expands vocabulary by introducing kids to new words, synonyms, and adjectives, allowing them to become better at expressing their thoughts and ideas. Children who read a lot are able to describe their feelings because they have the right words to articulate their state of mind.

At Progressive Rising Phoenix, we believe that it’s so important to instill a love of reading in kids from the very start by reading to them and encouraging them to read back to us. And as they grow older, they begin to choose their own genres to feed their hunger for knowledge or go on adventures in their minds.

As an independent publisher by authors, we recognize that the industry has changed and have partnered with authors who take ownership of their work and what we do. If you’re interested in partnering with us, contact us today!

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