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June 2014


Amanda ThrasherWe’re leaving for the 2014 ALA Conference, it’s in Vegas. All of our titles (released) will be on display, and available in printed marketing material. We’ll put many of those titles into the hands of librarians (academic, private and public), and, of course, interested buyers, and visiting consumers.

We’ve been contacted and asked to meet with a representative from MetaMetrics (developers of the Lexile Framework for Reading) they scientifically match students with targeted content. Of course we’ll meet with them, especially regarding our upcoming titles, they’re a perfect fit. As authors, we usually sign and attend these conferences: BEA, New York. TLA, Austin, ALA, New Orleans, but this year at ALA, we’ll represent our own publishing company, our published authors, and ourselves, as authors.

We’re a small press, founded by authors, for authors. Most people don’t realize we left a publisher in order to start this company. Great Jannifer Powelsonexperience. Prepared me personally as the author (Amanda M. Thrasher).  It will never cease to amaze me, how little writers know about the industry they choose to pursue. They’re often shocked by the amount of work it takes.

We believe in this company, Progressive. Have taken time away from our own work in order to learn this industry (print). We continue to grow and learn something new daily. Surround by people you can not see, we ask questions. Speak with our teams of contractors. Conference continuously, and have put options in place for our authors that we didn’t have. We’ve accomplished this, in less than two years.

The-Greenlee-Project-amanda-m-thrasherI’m asked the following questions on a regular basis. Believing if you’d like to know, just ask, here’s the answers. It’s still all in how you do it, that gets results, so I believe in sharing.

1) Do you have a printer in your house? I’ll admit, at one time, my initial reaction to this question was one of pure shock; but now I realize people simply don’t understand what we do. The answer is ‘No.’ We do not have print facilities in our homes, though we work from home offices. Our work sells globally. We offer our authors the following print options:

CS (Create Space) owned by Amazon, print location NC. Books are ordered from anywhere in the world (Amazon), sent printed and shipped from here. IF they’re sent from UK or Europe, they will be printed from UK facility.

LSI– Lightening Source Ingram. This to me, my opinion, is mandatory for small press authors. They provide a ‘Returnable’ option for our books, author choice, Whole-Sale discounts, hard copies, soft/trade paper, massive vendor database. They have several US locations, and print facilities in the UK, and AU.

HF Group Book Partners. Print, Distribution. Manchester, IN.

EBooks. – Kindle and Nook; All E formats

2) Do you whip up the books yourselves? OK I’m sorry….”Seriously?” Yes, we get asked that. No. We don’t. We contract all of our work out. We’re authors/writers. We built a company for writers/authors. Our contractors are all over the United States, Australia and India.

3) Why don’t you profit off of your authors? I love this question; it’s too easy. We’re authors. Writers. Do you have any idea how hard we work? It takes a year, if not longer to write a novel. Took a year to write ‘The Greenlee Project.’ Research alone for that piece, not to mention how hard emotionally some of these pieces are. I think sometimes so much emphasis on reading, we forget who wrote the books. We took time to build a company, time away from marketing our other titles. Helping other authors. Time away from our families. To take a larger portion form the person that creates the work, that we’re trying to protect, would go against everything that we beli