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May 2014


Amanda ThrasherI’m a writer first and foremost, author second to that. If you know me or have heard me speak, I’ve made this statement on multiple occasions. The writer’s goal is to evoke emotion: smile, giggle, anger, tears, through their characters and storyline. I’m grateful every time a reader says that I’ve accomplished this in my work.

My intent is to write beautiful stories. Stories written in such a way that my readers can experience what I see in my minds eye. Since I’m a visual writer, if the reader can see each scene the way I do, I feel as if I did my job as a writer. It confirms that the characters and the storyline worked. I can honestly say as a person who loves words; this is what it’s all about. Ultimate goal as a writer, if years from now no one remembers  your  name, that’s OK, as long as readers love the characters you create, that should be any writers dream come true.

I tend to  write stories with gentle life-lessons  regardless of the topic or subject, incorporating positive resolutions became my thing by accident. I realized this after I’d written several pieces. Being primarily a children’s author, this isn’t a bad thing or a problem. This pattern has become my voice,  my style. It’s a whimsical poetic style. I can honestly there was a time that I didn’t even know what that was, but I do now. Thanks to my mentor, Anne Dunigan. Her words are like gold to me; I trust her, especially when it comes to my work.

I don’t know if my style will change; time will tell, but I hope not. I don’t know about you, but I still believe in beautiful stories. My thought process changes according to the age level that I write. Elementary chapter books: always a beautiful place to escape, funny and entertaining. Middle school: action, mystery, friendship, yet still peaceful, beautiful resolution, and certainly one that the reader wouldn’t expect.

The Greenlee Project: such an intense book. Thought provoking and certainly stirs all types of emotions across the board. Ultimately, true to my style, the ending a surprise. Some have said a shocking but wonderful surprise.

I personally believe writers must do two things in order to find their own voice and keep The-Greenlee-Project-amanda-m-thrasherit: (1) Quit giving it away in the first place. Take back ownership, meaning, interview your editor. They should work with you; not take over your work. Work with them closely, and when you find the right one, build a relationship for years. Finding the right editor can take years. (2) Truly write original work and worry not what the market says. If you, the writer love it, someone will like it. Find your voice and keep it, after all, it’s yours.

by Amanda M. Thrasher…