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March 2013


Writers often dig through their files and re-read their first manuscripts. It’s not unusual to recognize the difference between the first pieces they wrote and their current ones.   Avoice developed over time eventually shines through and becomes their signature style.  If they’re lucky, one day, others will recognize their signature voice as well.  That day, as you can imagine, is an amazing day for any writer. For example: “That author is a whimsical poetic writer,”how incredible to develop a style that others recognize.

Once a writer/ author completes their work, the marketing required to promote the finished piece takes on a life of its own. The industry has changed; that creates opportunities and challenges.

Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, LLC is a small press, but we work together to promote all of our authors. Owned and managed by authors, we know what it takes to create, finish, finish being a key word, produce and promote books that others may find appealing. Today was a good day for Progressive. It came in the form of a letter, and if you know anything about small press or the industry, than you would know what this letter means to the authors of this company.

“After careful review, the buyer for the category has decided to place an order for ‘The Ghost of Whispering Willow’ and will enter the title into the Barnes and Noble database and the buyer will place the order.” Barnes and Noble, Inc. NY, Small Press Department

This is a big step for us, though it may only last for a minute.  This review means that the buyers, for the children’s category, can purchase the title for their stores.  This is not the same as the online distribution system. The titles are order and warehoused, replenished as needed, and for small press, well, that changes everything. This is the third title  by Amanda M. Thrasher, that has been considered and purchased over time.

We’re a small press, true, and we are still learning to walk; but we’re getting there. Right now we walk, but we’re able to smile, hopefully one day we can all run.


Are You Ready To Tell Your Story?

Writers often write stories but never share them with anyone, and story ideas flow one right after the other. Does this happen to you? Have you considered turning those ideas into a beautiful picture book, a fun easy reader, or a hip and chic young adult novel?

At Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, we turn writers’ stories into authors’ books. The cornerstone of our publishing house is producing high quality books from forward thinking authors! We work with authors who share our mission, to succeed through innovative cross-promotion, creative marketing, and original content.

Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, founded by authors, believes that authors working together are far more effective than one person marketing and working on their own. Based on this philosophy, certain requirements are mandatory and are non-negotiable. We are not a traditional publisher, but we are building a select list based on quality work that represents our company as a whole. Works submitted must complement the titles we currently publish.

If you are interested in submitting your work to Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, please visit the Submissions Guidelines tab for more information or contact us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

By Jannifer Powelson…


Author Visits – Where are the little writers?

In case you hadn’t noticed, author visits aren’t what they used to be. School budget cuts, policies regarding visitors restricted (rightfully so), and children’s curriculums, as a whole, are jam-packed. Author visits are rare these days. Many kids haven’t even met an author; that’s what they tell us when we visit, shocking really, with all the books that are available.

Author VisitAs authors, when we do spend time with the children, we never know who we will interest that day. It never ceases to amaze us when a certain little writer will sit before us, listen intently to the words that we say, ask questions about writing or illustrating their own pieces, stay after the presentation, and discuss their story ideas. They come out of their shells; at least that’s what their teachers say. It is impossible to explain how wonderful it is to observe this and then to hear the words “I’m going to write a book,” well, it’s the icing on the cake. Because of this, at PRPP, we have decided to do things differently regarding our author visits. School visits should be a time for children to learn something new and exciting that they could only learn from the writer/author themselves. Who else could explain how that character came to life? We did, after all, create them.

Author VisitOur presentations are modified according to each age group of children we address, and are often in auditoriums, libraries, or the classrooms.  Speeches include: writing a synopsis, fleshing out characters, narrating a story, what a manuscript really looks like, and how to develop a story line. We have educational presentations as well, with one of our authors combining the world of writing and photography, while discussing the importance of nature. Bullying is a topic that unfortunately many children will face at some point in their lives, and since kids often relate to characters, we have a writer who discusses his fictional work based on overcoming such.

Sell books? Why yes, but likely not the day we visit your school. They will be available, and of course they will be signed, but we prefer to handle book sales via a pre-order, and here’s why: Time, its valuable, and we don’t have much of it the day we visit with your children. It’s not unusual to present back to back all day long, though combining grades is not unusual and works well for the older kids, but our time is spent discussing writing, creating, characters, illustrations, photography, or teaching about nature. That’s what we’re missing in school visits, real time with the author learning what writers do. Contributing to the community is important to us, and often authors donate their time because it’s important for children to visit with the actual writers who write the stories they read or may write themselves one day.

Author VisitPre-orders are sent home, the school places the order, and when the authors visit that day, the books are brought and signed. (Spares available), but the authors share, answer questions, write, and often find the ‘little writers’ who no one really knew existed. Sometimes it takes a stranger to say the right combination of words in order to motivate a child toward the direction that they’re supposed to go. Writers first, authors second to that! Little writers, they’re out there, and we’ll help you find them!  For Author Visits, visit the contact section of our site. or

By Amanda M. Thrasher&hellip