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February 2013

They’re Off!

When beautiful racehorses leave the gate, the commentator usually says “And they’re off!” That’s how we’re feeling at Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, “We’re OFF!” I’m certain others have done this before, but surely not like this, right? Different doesn’t begin to describe what we’re trying to do.

Progressive Rising Phoenix Press is an innovative publisher founded by authors. We believe a network of authors working together is more effective than working alone. Our mission is to succeed through innovative cross-promotion, creative marketing and original content.”

Our idea is simple – give  authors options and choices regarding production of their work. We are after all authors; we know how hard writers work, we’re writers. We know that our voice is our own, so why on earth would change another persons voice?  Our desire is to assist and not to take, and yes, we know that’s ridiculous in today’s publishing world. Cross-market and promote all of the titles on our list, as a whole, not just our own pieces, assisting each other as we grow.

Since building a quality list takes time, we intend to build the list slowly and selectively. Publishing pieces that have original and creative content, gives us an opportunity to showcase all types of wonderful authors. Working together for the good of all, putting all of our heads together allows wonderful ideas to come to fruition regarding our marketing efforts. Working together, getting back to basics, so we can all get back to writing allows all of us as authors to continually produce solid works.  We are that different. Small but different. Everyone brings something unique to the table.

Amanda M. Thrasher